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About Us

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We clean the world from the plastic

About Us

Punganeri clean earth is a non profited organization to clean the beach and village in India as well as the world from plastic pollution. In recent year the consumption of plastic is increased day by day due to technological development and population growth. The recent survey estimate that 13 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year adding to the estimation 150 million metric tons currently circulating our oceans.

Our vision is raising awareness through clean up the beach and village. We are also doing campaigns, workshop events in the field and also through the social media.

Punganeri clean earth is founded by Dr UTHAMAN Historian / Environmentalist with the co-founder and CEO Mrs. RAJATHI UTHAMAN softer ware Engineer / Social activities. Punganeri means a village in India especially Tamilnadu state. This movement started from this village.

Our History

From 2012 Dr.Uthaman doing some social activities in his village Chinnapunganeri, Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu, India. During 2018 he went to spain Barcelona lived in sitges with his family and met Andrea torres co-founder of PURE CLEAN EARTH. He participated beach clean up with them with his family Rajathi, Iniyazhisai, vetrimaran. Then he came back to India on December, 2019 started PUNGANERI CLEAN EARTH with the inspiration Of PCE Barcelona. He started a village clean up and beach clean up in India. Because in India is agrarian base plastic totally affected the agriculture land as well as marine habitat.

This team had big vision for the future of PCE and organized a team and doing each work on developing organization.

Up to date we have collected 2516Kgs of trash and plastic from the planet preventing all of this from polluting our environment. We are now in India and 3 locations in Singapore, kuwaith and united states of America doing same activities not only clean up but also campaign, seminar and awareness programme on behalf of PCE.

Anybody want to join with us. We change the world to reduce the plastic consumption.

Our Team

Dr.Uthaman (Environmentalist)


I am working hard and cleaver, disciplined and patient then I am waiting for my time one day my team will change and save nature. Life has taught today is mine so I will do my best for the Nature, for the Universe ,for Humanity ,for the living organs. I don't bother about xenophobic or Casteism but my soul only bother about environment because the last man who is going to live in the world he should live with clean ENVIRONMENT and Air, Pure EARTH and water. Yes I believe the God. I do not worship Idols but I worship NATURE, so one day I will create my own History.

Behind the scene people scold me, laugh me, criticize and ridiculed me. Life has taught me to just let it go and let it flow and ignore all the comments. I want change and want to save the environment .


(Software Engineer /
Social Activists)


When I see people throwing away trash or plastic I feel only angry because the millions of trash dump into the planet it is started with the single human mind and end with his finger. So those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything in the world.

Yes I changed my mind because of the (people against the nature)nature. I travelled around the world I create my own path to serve the humans to serve the ecology to serve the marine habitat. I would like spend my time away, from men and towns To the wild wood and the downs, To the silent wilderness, peacefully with my family.